Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sumptuous & Satiating-Saturday Dimsum Brunch at 19 Oriental Avenue, Shangri-La Eros

The lovely view at lunch time at 19 Oriental Avenue, Shangri-La Eros

Dimsums, those light and flavourful pouches of healthy wholesomeness, the stuff good food is made of, are no dumplings to be relegated to snack food level. If done right and done creatively, dimsums can pack a whole punch, making them a complete meal. Steaming out of their bamboo baskets in transluscent purity and meticulous dexterity that is all but evident, dimsums sum up a fair deal in terms of taste, balance and good sense.

Dimsums originated in the Canton region of China but today are popular across much of far-eastern countries, right from Singapore to Thailand to Japan. Each country has adopted them and modified them to local tastes, thus adding interesting new dimensions to this food item.

19 Oriental Avenue, the Pan-Asian restaurant at the Shangri-La Eros, winner of Times Food Award 2013 for 'Best Thai' has now introduced a sumptuous Saturday Dimsum Brunch with a stunning collection of the steamed snack that has surely evolved into a full meal avataar, what with so many people today opting for lighter, healthier options when it comes to eating out. How many times have you been to a typical buffet lunch, gorged on the variety of food and come back feeling sick, telling yourself never again. This is where this Dimsum Brunch scores, for not only do you taste a whole variety of flavours, diverse ingredients and innovative combinations, but the extreme fineness of the dimsum wrappers and almost negligible oil used, keeps the experience light. 

The Japanese Robatayaki Grill

Spend a lazy Saturday afternoon relishing an exquisite selection of steaming dim sums and unlimited offerings of the finest beverages at this exquisite specialty restaurant. The restaurant’s Chinese culinary master, Chef David Leung, has painstakingly crafted the Dim Sum Brunch menu. Guests can embark on a gastronomic journey and indulge their palates in a diverse selection of vegetarian and non vegetarian offerings. Piping hot trays of dumplings, executed by deft hands, fly out of the kitchen and offer you a large selection to choose from. 

Cottage Cheese with Pok Choi

Spinach, Mushroom and Corn

Vegetarians can relish Spinach, Mushroom and Corn, Cottage Cheese with Pok Choi, Spicy Radish Glass Noodle, Assorted Asian vegetable with Sichuan Chili, Water Chestnut with Lotus Stem, Baby Corn with Asparagus Thai Chili Paste, Assorted Fresh Mushroom with Spring Onion, Morinaga Tofu with Fresh Chives.

Chicken & Shitake with Chives
Pounded Chicken with Red Curry Paste

For non - vegetarians, Chef David is offering Snapper Suimai Tobikeo, River Sole with Bonito Flakes, Tiger Prawns with Kafir Lime Leaf, Chicken and Shitake with Chives, Traditional Har Gow, Traditional Suimai with Pork, Prawns and Tobikeo, Sichuan Chicken with Spring Onions, Pounded Chicken with Red Curry Paste, Minced Pork with Leeks, Pounded Lamb with Chinese Seven Spices, Minced Lamb with Black Pepper, Minced Tenderloin with Togarashi, Pork Loin, Bamboo Shoots and Coriander Roots. 

Thai & Japanese Starter Samplers

While the dimsums are truly scintillating, the best part about this Dimsum Brunch is that you can sample a whole lot of oriental, exotic food right from the rather adventurous array of Thai and Japanese starters that will awaken your taste-buds to the much in demand Sushi and Sashimi to Robatayaki Japanese Grill and Japanese Steaks.

I personally tried a whole lot of Japanese food, knowing what a healthy cuisine it is. From a savoury Japanese egg custard to an array of seaweeds with wasabi to the unique Japanese buckwheat noodles that are had with a delicious watery, soy sauce and herbs, with no oil at all!

Japanese Buckwheat noodles with an assortment of Sushi
Japanese Savoury Egg Custard with some Salmon & Octopus Sashimi

19 Oriental Avenue also offer a delectable selection of Bao’s in the DimSum Brunch such as Shimeji with Corn Bao, Pan Fried Vegetable Bao, Enoki with Spinach Bao and Barbeque Pork Bao. 

Timing: Every Saturday, 12:00 pm - 3:30 pm 

The packages are as follows: 

2100 plus taxes with a glass of beer, wine or soft beverage 
2600 plus taxes with unlimited cocktails, wine or beer 
3000 plus taxes with unlimited champagne 
1454 plus taxes with a glass of soft beverage, for kids below 12 years (kids package) 

For reservations, call: 011 4119 1919

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