Friday, October 24, 2014

The Traditional Christmas Cake Mixing Ceremony at The Imperial

Have you been part of the unique experience of the traditional and large Cake Mixing Ceremony? The Imperial New Delhi had put together one, filled with gaiety for the Christmas season. Massive varieties of candied fruits, fruit peels, assorted nuts, juices, and spirits were used for cake mixing, soaked and blended joyfully in the concoction of liquor, rum and brandy for an exotic dough preparation, for sinful and aromatic Christmas cakes.

The traditional cake mixing ceremony spreads joie de vivre and camaraderie for Christmas. The occasion is incomplete without the traditional cake and we at The Imperial have been continuing this tradition with lot of enthusiasm and festive spirit. It is an ecstatic moment to watch the guests and chefs participate in the mixing, celebrating the season” expressed Vijay Wanchoo- Sr. Executive VP and GM The Imperial New Delhi.
Chef Vishal Atreya – Executive Chef The Imperial said The cake mixing is a Christmas tradition dating back to many years and also a pre-cursor to the occasion. It is a pre-requisite for settling the liquor in the mix of nuts, fruits and spices, covered with cinnamon. Christmas fun starts with this ceremony which is considered to be a harbinger of good fortune and joyous times.” 

He further said “This recipe is unique to The Imperial for many decades. The mix of exotic ingredients get soaked in liquor for 45 days. The more the ingredients get soaked the better the taste. 

Unlike other cakes, this traditional one is the most sought-after as it is prepared in a distinct way with mounds and mounds of brown dates, black raisins, red cherries, cashew nuts, topped with powdered cloves, cardamom, ginger peel, lemon peel, orange peel, dry figs, walnuts, apricots, prunes, dry black currents, pistachios, almonds, pepper and other exotic spices, mixed with bottles and bottles of liquor and wine. This will be kept till the dry fruits get fattened on the liquor. Then our chefs will combine flour with this 100 Kgs mixture for the dough, to be baked to perfection for appx. 300 Imperial Christmas Cakes…richer, yummier and blissful in taste.”

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