Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Don a Cook Gourmet Hat! Cook a Special Meal!

So you've done the wining and the dining, you are through with the wooing-shooing. Many of life's special moments are marked with food landmarks. Food is party to many of our pursuits and celebrations. Sharing a special meal with someone has deep significance.

If one had to chose between an impersonal gourmet meal at a fancy restaurant that does not warm the cockles of your heart and a home cooked customised spread that speaks to you in a language which is familiar and comforting, many would go for the latter. Or ever taken your loved one for a special meal only to realise that your significant other spent more time chatting up the chef than you? Ha!

Hey, but how about combining both. Cooking a gourmet meal but in the cosy comfort of your home, in your familiar kitchen. Yes, that can be a tedious task and much as we claim to be foodies, there is no time to really conjure up something special after a hard day at work. 

Specialised grocery shopping with a long list of ingredients can also be a chore. You may end up spending half your day at a super mart and come back home super tired, maybe packing an insipid cold pizza on the way. Who said romance was easy today! Or conjuring up a meal for that matter!

Which is when I introduce you to 'Cook Gourmet'. A unique concept that I stumbled upon recently. Just visit their website and scan a host of delicious recipes that they keep updating from time to time. Feed in your preferences in terms of cuisine, veg, non veg etc and pick the option that teases your palate. Order and forget.

A magic box is due to arrive at your doorstep at the time specified by you. Yes, there's enough time to take that luxurious shower or a hot bath in the meantime. While you light up the candles and create the perfect ambience, the magic box arrives and as you open it, there is an array of ingredients neatly portioned and labelled, down to the chopped garlic, the sprig of parsley and the wine for flambeing if you please.

No hassles, no worries, the box has a detailed recipe sheet with pictures giving step by step illustrations. This week I tried the 'Cajun Shrimp Rice' and 'Panfried Tilapia with Caper Beurre Blanc served with French Beans Madagascer'(Rs 549 each for a portion for 2). Both the dishes take roughly 20-30 minutes to prepare. Of course, in my case my pre-teen kid walked in intrigued by the box and helped me out to prepare the meal. It is indeed a great way to initiate a child into cooking, so smooth is the cooking experience.

The dishes are ever exciting and keep changing. This week for instance there is 'Carribean Fish and Prawns Curry' and 'Greek Sailor's Souvlaki with Tazatziki and Pita. 'Cheesy Pomodoro Gnocchi' anyone? Or 'Malaysian Tofu Curry with Udon Noodles'. Yes, now it's all possible at home in no time.

The results are superb. It is really a stress-free way of trying out new dishes, new cuisines every week. At the end of it you get the satisfaction of having done it with your own hands and using the freshest possible ingredients one could ever imagine. More strength to this venture by Daman Singh Kohli and Sanni Chaudhary along with culinary expert Chef Narender Singh.

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  1. Shivani, Thanks for trying our box and giving a great feedback. This will encourage us to work even harder.