Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dial in Your Inner Chef

All it takes is a BMI (Body Mass Index)analysis at your local gym to get the foodie in you running for cover. As the fat and fat percentage of your body, clearly defined, is handed over to you with a diagram clearly pointing out where your stubborn fat is stuck, you begin to look at life a bit philosophically....with a sigh. Thanks for reminding!

Visceral fat, water content, muscle ratio, BMR-figures that can traumatise you. Mine even revealed a 'Metabolic age' that was years beyond my real age! That is when you silently pay repentance for the orgiastic feasts of the last year or so.

I went through this phase a few months ago when I started looking at all chefs as some sort of 'Agent Provocateurs'. You evil evil people! You cook these irresistible delights and lure us, unassuming food critics into wreaking such havoc with our hormones. It doesn't help that we have some rather goodlooking and fit chefs floating around these days, who themselves ooze health, fitness, perfect skin, perfect smiles et al but feed you with the most sinful food surreptitiously. When do they manage to go for rigorous 2 hour workouts between conceptualising menus, cooking, signing copies of their books, hosting TV shows and being judges on culinary competitions?

So a Korma would make my inners curl, I would hallucinate about LDLs and HDLs floating around in the curry, doing a Gangnam style teaser for me. A MDH wouldn't translate as 'Moong Dal Halwa' but 'Mera Dil Halal'! Ha! I went off food-critiquing for a while. Now if only tasty food could be healthy or healthy food could be tasty(Bland oats porridge anyone?)

The Inner Chef team with nutritionist Lovneet Batra and Chef Nishant Choubey

Last week I attended an 'Inner Chef' event. Back from my UAE sojourn, it was the first food event I attended. I honestly went with a clean slate or shall we say clean plate? The Inner Chef office hosting the event had a certain lightness of being to it. Bright Sunday morning, a bunch of people in animated chatter, low white table laden with salads, juices, paninis and more and people helping themselves to it in a free, casual style. One look at the table and one could see colour, health and vitality, fresh greens, light coarse breads, cold pressed juices. Inner chef promises to revamp your eating habits with some TLC. Speaking at the occasion Lovneet Batra, ace nutritionist emphasised the value of raw foods in our diet. Chef Nishant Choubey, Executive Chef, Dusit Devarana, further elaborated what are the precautions to be kept in mind while using raw greens in salads. Commenting on the spread, he said, " The food tastes amazing, it has the versatility and pureness." The brainchild of entrepreneur Bal Singh who returned from Australia and felt an urgent need for better and healthier eating options in Delhi and immediately decided to fill the gap, Inner Chef promises quality and health.


Neha Jain, the perfect host


On display were new items that were unveiled from their ready to eat menu-four vegetarian salads: Caesar Salad, Raw Papaya, Raw Mango Salad and Broccoli Peach salad.
Two non-vegetarian: Chicken Caesar Salad and Herbed Grilled Chicken Salad with Cold Pasta.
The paninis included Grilled Chicken with Mustard Sauce, Mushroom Melt Panini and
Spinach and Corn Panini
A juice- Apple, beetroot, carrot is complimentary part of their combo boxes.

There were also three light desserts on display:

Chocolate Crunch Muffin, Lemon Cake and Blueberry Muffin.

I loved each and every item.

Their other products are 'Ready-to-cook' meals which are imaginatively curated, all the ingredients chopped, portioned and packed and sent to your doorstep so you can conjure up an impressive meal yourself.

So next time you are at your work desk, getting tempted to order that samosa or greasy burger nearby, take a deep breath and let the moment pass. Or if it is one of those evenings at home, when you are too tired to figure out what to cook and where to begin? Type 'Inner Chef' on your laptop or phone. Browse their wonderful website and order in health. It is literally health in a bowl!



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