Saturday, October 10, 2015

Just Pressed Cold Brew Coffee Delivery

There was a time when I loved coffee. But my coffee had to be strong, rich, aromatic and pack a punch. In hot coffee you got that satisfaction from a good South Indian filter coffee. But with the advent of instant coffee brands, somehow one felt cheated with the dilution of flavour and aroma.  Instant Coffee Ads are some of the most visually engaging, yet the coffee failed to engage with me in any way.

Take the case of cold coffee. Actually I have always preferred cold coffee over hot coffee. But since there is a large amount of milk we are talking about, the coffee has to be exceptionally pure and strong to hit the right notes on your palate. I did enjoy some very strong cold coffees in certain coffee shops but now even the café frappe they serve at most places is more ice than milk. And every time I try to replicate a good cold coffee experience at home, even after putting heaps full of instant coffee, I just did not get the rich taste. Unless then you add a scoop of coffee icecream in it, which is a different story altogether!

Just Pressed recently launched India’s first Cold Brew Coffee Delivery. This is the first time such a unique concept is being offered in India, and they deliver their premium coffee all over Delhi NCR - at home or office.

JustPressed Cold Brewed Coffee is the best tasting coffee which you would have tasted! They use carefully selected Premium Arabica Peaberry and Premium Arabica Plantation AA coffee beans blended in a special ratio. These are roasted and ground to certain specifications by an award winning Master Roaster. The perfectly coarse ground and roasted beans are immersed in 100% Pure RO chilled water for 24 hours. The Cold Brew process creates a perfectly balanced and distinctively smooth cup of coffee– served steaming hot or iced cold. 


During the Cold-Brew process, time replaces heat. In a typical hot brewing process, high temperature facilitates the release of undesirable flavor elements. A roasted coffee bean contains many compounds that are extracted during the brewing process. Some of those compounds, including certain oils and fatty acids, are soluble only at a high temperature.

During the cold brew process, coffee beans are never exposed to high temperature. Cold water brewing for 24 hours extracts the delicious flavour compounds from coffee beans, but leaves behind myriad bitter oils and biting fatty acids, including undesirable elements such as ketones, esters and amides.


These are the same bitter acids and fatty oils that surface to the top of your hot cup of coffee, and give hot-brewed coffee that familiar ‘bite’ (thus the reason that some 8 out of 10 people attempt to soften the acidic taste by adding milk or cream to their coffee).
The coffee I tried was delicious to have on its own. I also tried making a lovely glass of cold coffee and after ages actually enjoyed a cold coffee at home. It's a wonderful bottled coffee to keep in your refrigerator to flavour and create many things. I also love coffee flavour in many desserts such as crème caramel or a simple fruit cream. Just pressed blends effortlessly in any base and gives the dessert a rich coffee taste. Tangy Sorbet recommends this lovely brown magic! Then all you need alongside is a golden sunset.







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