Saturday, November 5, 2016

How India Eats Out

By: Gulshan Verma, Chief Revenue Officer, Times Internet 

Limited and Ankit Mehrotra, Co- Founder, dine out

Millions of bookings, thousands of users and a growth of over 200%  in the last two years, Times Internet’s dineout is making a distinct impact on the restaurant industry in India.
Through the dineout data derived over the past year they did an interesting study across metros to share extensive insights on the evolving dining out consumer. And the shift in their mindset affecting their choices on where to go out, when to go out and what to order.

What they like to eat?

 We really are very distinct…
It’s no surprise to see the popularity of North Indian and Chinese cuisines making the top 3 out every metro but each city has its own specialities such as the Hyderabadi preference for Barbecue or that diners in Bangalore are half as likely to prefer Chinese food as their Mumbai counterpart.

Also a distinct preference for eating your home food even when going out – Bengali food is the third most popular in Kolkata while South Indian food is also relatively popular in Bangalore as well.

Finally nearly a third of the time we eat out – it’s to a different kind of culture that the traditional popular genres of food including Middle Eastern, Thai among many others - Global cuisine is on the rise.

Where they like to eat?
·             Location matters, and so does convenience:  
Millennials who have begun working don’t want to compromise on their social life. Catching up with friends for a meal and drinks has become increasingly popular, but there’s a catch- they choose areas which are easily accessible from their workplace or perhaps right next to their workplace. Areas such as Lower Parel in Mumbai and Connaught Place in Delhi, originally commercial hubs of their respective cities, have topped the list of most popular areas for dining.

When they like to eat?
 Bookings for Sunday brunch/buffet have doubled in the last 2 years
Majority of Urban Indians are choosing a long brunch v/s dinners on a Sunday.  With a rise in brunches and a sharp drop in bookings for dinner on Sundays. With this day being a catalyst for family gathering and friends’ reunion, a brunch allows extended quality time with close ones vs dinners, which if extended on a Sunday, bite into the early morning routine for the upcoming Monday!

Increase in bookings over the weekend for lunch:
The vibe today is of savoring the food v/s just eating. People are preferring stepping out for lunch over dinner during the week and enjoy their meals more. Our research showed a considerable growth in bookings for lunch to any other meal of the day. It rose from 24.64 per cent in July’14 to 34.62 per cent in the past year. The trend has trickled down to corporates as well, with increased booking by companies for lunches over the weekend.

Preference for Luxury Standalones over Hotels
The perception of luxury dining being limited to only hotels is passé. Luxury standalones are giving Hotels stiff competition with their increasing popularity. It is interesting to note how the mindset of the consumer is evolving when it comes to luxury dining, the standalones are as high-priced as the hotels yet people don’t mind spending more when the quality is impeccable and the experience is unique. Almost 70% of Delhi choses standalones over hotels. Likewise, Bangalore and Mumbai at 75% and 63% respectively.

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