Saturday, February 6, 2016

Balance and Bouyancy at Flluid

Delhi food scene is so red hot right now that there is literally a new restaurant to discover every day. Covering Delhi and Gurgaon, I almost never end up in Noida.  Moreover I had been concentrating on standalone restaurants lately. They have had such a surge off late that 5 star and 4 star hotels have had to sharpen their claws (and knives) and come back with better concepts, menus and competitive prices. Many hotel restaurants have undergone renovations and revamps. And I welcome change, I appreciate efforts to adapt and adopt new ways, I laud the drive to reinvent and reinterpret. Thus I find myself travelling all the way to Noida a Sunday morning.

Flluid restaurant at Mosaic Hotel, Sector 18, Noida has launched its new menu making it more contemporary and fun. Flluid has had a legacy of being the oldest night club in Noida and since then seen many changes in people's entertainment styles. I found the interiors quite eye-catching and mood enhancing!

Repositioned as a lounge bar that one could frequent at day time too with friends and family, Flluid today offers an eclectic menu of pre-plated dishes with, shall we say, quirky presentation, perfect concoction of cuisines, super slashed down prizes and a fun element.

As I enter the lobby, Flluid is ensconced to the left, almost an
extension of the main lobby. The interiors are black, grey and copper with a very eye catching chandelier that hints at glasses full of heady fluids to lift your spirits. The furniture is a bit chunky and heavy on one end where you get natural light while there are smaller, regular tables on the inside. I am attracted to the big, beefy tables at the entrance with natural light but they are difficult to move which was one feedback I gave. I often like to pull the chair closer to the table or far but it is impossible here. So if you are fidgety, go for the smaller tables inside.

The creators of the extra-ordinary menu are Executive Chef Vijayant Rawat and Executive Sous Chef Rakesh Painuli, whose specialties lie in Indian, Mexican, Lebanese, Thai and Continental cuisines. One can see a lot of effort has gone into curating the menu with each dish undergoing some twist.

It is a crisp winter morning so I start with an American Corn Chowder that arrives in a skull glass. I know one can expect the quirkiness to continue. Order a simple burger and you're in a for a triple whammy. 3 mini burgers come in 3 different flavors and colors, baked with healthy beetroot and spinach and all different fillings inside.


I pick one and scrutinise it thoroughly. It is the beetroot patty with grilled fish and teriyaki sauce. Quite delicious and just the right size for someone like me who gets intimidated by big burgers. You can actually eat this one with your lipstick intact! 



The more you explore the menu, it becomes difficult to make a choice. There is a l'il bit of everything here. Quick meal Quesadilla, Enchiladas, Sandwiches, Hot Dogs that all come with the compliments of salad, French fries and other condiments. I guess it is targeted at youth.

Innovatively served platters not only tantalize your taste buds but little idiosyncrasies of presentation keep the tempo, creating a surprise element and enthusiasm. Our mocktail comes in a neat hip flask. Never having used a hip flask I suddenly feel very cow-girlish.
Soon we realise food is being presented in miniatures of antique iron, chakla belan, miniature shopping trolleys (a truckload of french fries literally), pressure cooker etc. Other beverages are being served in boot shaped glass; glass with shark face, glass with a skull, hop side down glass etc.

Vegetarians can relish from a long list of savory delicacies includes Purani Dilli Chaat platter, Caesar Salad, Vada Pav, Paneer Tikka Kulcha, Naan Pizza and many more. For non vegetarian connoisseurs, the menu comprises of sumptuous dishes like Chicken Khurchan Tart, Spicy Mexican Chicken Salad, Mutton Boti Ke Taco, Amritsari Masala Baked Fish, Chilli Chicken Spring Roll and the famous Bucket of Burgers are a few new comfort food dishes introduced in the menu. Butter Chicken Pasta is perhaps an ode to the quintessential Delhi teen.

The dessert selection has also got enhanced with irresistible offerings like Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake, Mava Gujiya Toffee Sauce, Makhmali Nazakat, etc. I personally found the desserts a bit heavy for my taste but then I have reached a stage where I feel I do not deserve to eat desserts at all! Maybe their target clientele could down these with a flourish.

The prices are very competitive. So, do venture out with your family and friends and enjoy the most of these improvised food platters, choicest beverages and delicious desserts at most affordable prices at Flluid and walk away with a wonderful memory of all times.

Flluid at Mosaic Hotels, Noida opens from 11.00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. all days. Flluid is a restaurant cum bar located at Mosaic Hotels, Noida offers a luscious range of modern cuisine and ambience. It boasts of an urban design lounge bar, offering all that one could ask for, the great options of mocktails, cocktails, selection of international spirits, wine, beers and liquors. It includes lavish buffet served for Breakfast and Lunch, along with a sophisticated a-la carte menu. The restaurant also has some select private dining areas that can be hired for exclusive gatherings in true Delhi NCR, snooty style! Flluid is open all seven days from 11 a.m. in the morning till 11.00 p.m. night.



 My 'Flluid' look for the Day:

An animal print sheath dress in browns with black lace trimmings I picked from Debenhams, Ambience before it got replaced by Zara! It's a beautiful fit and even though I bought it five years ago, I still manage to accessorise it differently each time and achieve a different look. This time I wore it with a black Marks and Spencer blazer and brown suede boots, a Russian design I picked from Kala Niketan, Khan Market. Teamed it all with a tan bag I picked in Abu Dhabi from a store called Paprika.




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