Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Treasure of Sea at Crowne Plaza Today Gurgaon

I have always been a seafood lover. Despite being from a typical Punjabi family, where eating non-veg invariably means having kukad or chicken, when I did get exposed to the wonders of  'Fruits de Mer' or 'fruits of the sea' as the French call it, I pretty much took to them like a fish takes to water. Maybe being a cancerian(a crabby crab) at that further enhances the seafood fixation. I find seafood light, healthy and full of zest and flavour. A great protein to have, guilt free.
When I heard of the 'Treasure of Sea' promotion on at Café G at Crowne Plaza Today, that brings the sound, aroma and taste of Sea to its all day dining multi-cuisine restaurant, I couldn't wait for a single day to sample it. Now here is a true seafood promotion. I mean real seafood with its real aroma, texture and feel for people who consider having the ubiquitous and convenient 'Basa' almost a sacrilege when compared to a robust pomfret or a soulful Sole. 
Café G has lively and bright interiors with deep blue table appointments and bright hanging lights that stand out. It has numerous live food stations that are welcoming and build an instant rapport with the guest.



Seafood Jambalaya



I start with a chilled iced tea with a special Thai twist with a lemon grass flavour. It is refreshing and sets my palate ready for the pleasures ahead. At Café G, guests can take a dip into the sea of gastronomic delight of extensive sea food-yes, with their tentacles and shells and slithery surfaces that spell freshness. You get to savour on different style of preparation of fish and varieties of seafood from across the globe. Chefs here have conjured a true celebration of seafood in all its manifestations.

The buffet serves an exciting salad section, further forking into Indian, Eastern, European cuisines with the best of seafood preparations that change every day. So the Indian had the delicate Seafood Biryani and Malai Jhinga while the European section tantalised the palate with Lobster Thermidor and Scallops with Bacon. A Seafood Jambalaya vied for attention against a stunning and tangy Tomato, Pineapple Fish from the Eastern section.

The sheer variety of seafood on display too leaves you breathless-Manglorean Crab, shark steaks, Calamari, Tuna, Sea Bass, King Prawns and many more.
A raw seafood station where “pick your own and cook to your style” approach is sure to find many takers. Assortment of Asian and western dips match the taste of the seafood. Also Sushi, Sashimi and Nigiri and Tempura is prepared by their in-house Japanese chef.

Later the desserts too are alluring, with a stunning variety of mini samplers that offer the perfect end to the meal.
Timings:  1900 hrs- 2300 hrs
When: 17th – 28th Feb 2016
Where: Café G, Crowne Plaza Today Gurgaon, Sector 29,
National Highway -8, Gurgaon
So do visit this seafood promotion if you love the endless treasures of the sea, right here in the middle of Gurgaon!

 My 'Café G' Look for the Day: For I take my seafood seriously, I decided to dress up for the occasion. So this black and gold chinon from Bangalore it was, with some white and grey pearls for extra sea-love! I felt nice and formal but the meal was worth it. Saree, the elegant attire in a sea of mundane dresses was my Café G pick!

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