Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mother's Day Special at The Imperial

Great hotels are caring and nurturing. They are generous and lavish in their pampering. The Imperial hotel organized some exclusive salon rituals for a Mother’s Day pampering session for some lucky mothers at The Imperial Salon. The details of these wonderful rituals are:

Kerastase instant booster:-

Kerastase Shampoo as per the scalp and hair, Mono Dose And Fuso Dose as per the hair texture.
(a)Diagnose the scalp with the Hair and Scalp Diagnostic Camera.
(b)Cleanse hair with the shampoo as per the scalp.
(c) Mix Fuso Dose in Mono Dose.
(d) Spray the mixture Section by section at the hair length and emulsify.
(e)Rinse well and blast dry.
A perfect accompaniment by giving instant nourishment to regular services such as hair cuts, blow dry and hair colour.
15 Minutes

Signature Facial Kriya; 
Specific blends to cleanse, uplift, de-stress and enrich with relaxing massage techniques and lymphatic drainage to restore tone and radiance.

Foot Ritual
Foot Ritual includes treating the reflex points on the foreleg, feet and toes combined with a soothing foot massage for rejuvenation and total relaxation.
Duration: 30 minutes

Speedy Pedicure includes filing of nails, removing dead cells from the sole and finishing the ritual with a relaxing massage.
            DURATION: 45 MINS

Do Visit the Imperial Salon for more such beauty and skin and hair care treatments.

Here's a video of my experience at the Imperial Salon on Mother's Day:



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