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Rajasthani Food Trail at Culture Gully, Kingdom of Dreams

If you are a pure vegetarian, eating out often has limited options. While home-cooked vegetarian food is light, varied and nutritious, every time you step out to dine, all you get is the cream laden Dal Makhni and Kadhai Paneer in the name of Indian vegetarian food.

But Rajasthani cuisine is one cuisine that takes vegetarianism to gourmet levels. Predominant communities of Rajasthan are the Marwaris and Jains who are not only pure vegetarians but even abstain from onion and garlic. The arid desserts of Rajasthan in the olden times did not even provide many green vegetables. 

Thus they developed a hardy and rustic cuisine using local produce such as ker, sangri, besan (chickpea flour), pulses, dry fruits and cereals. If you have a look at a typical Rajasthani Thali, it is difficult to believe that besan and pulses could be cooked in so many forms. Gatta Curry, Papad ki Sabzi, Mungodi ki Sabzi and many types of kachoris are examples of Rajasthani ingenuity in food. They even make a yummy 'Amrud ki Sabzi'. Of course any dearth of fresh vegetables is substituted by oodles of desi ghee that lends a special aroma and taste to this rich food. Rajasthani hospitality is legendary and experiencing a thali dinner served in an authentic manner can leave your ego a few notches higher! Perhaps all the ethos of Rajasthani hospitality is encapsulated in that ethereal folk song 'Kesariya Balma, Aaao ji Padharo Mhare Des'.

The vibrant colours of Rajasthan are abundant in its thousands of palaces and havelis, arts and crafts, sanganeri prints, puppets, lac bangles, kundan and meenakari jewellery and yes, the gorgeous bandhej and leheriya sarees! 
Rajasthan Pavilion-Culture Gully, Kingdom of Dreams

Rajasthan, in many ways is a state where the time has stood still in some medieval era, as far as the culture goes, and in a good way. It's almost like what nature denied Rajasthan, its hardworking people created it for themselves!
You can either travel to Rajasthan and live in one of it's many many havelis and palaces that have now been converted into stunning boutique hotels or get a mini-glimpse right here in Gurgaon!
Layout of a royal Rajasthani thali feast

Culture Gully at Kingdom of Dreams is celebrating Rajasthani Cuisine the whole of March. If you fancy Rajasthani specialities, do try out this sumptuous spread. Glad to share this mail from Kingdom of Dreams:

Enjoy an exclusive Rajasthani food trail
@ Culture Gully, Kingdom of Dreams

Gurgaon, March, 2014
Experience the exotic cuisine of the vibrant state of Rajasthan and diverse culture at the unique Indian boulevard of exotic food, art and heritage, Culture Gully, Kingdom of Dreams. Enjoy some of the exclusive Rajasthani delicacies prepared by theMaharaj of Rajasthan Pavilion.Rounded Rectangle: Main Course - Highlights
• Mater Ki Kachori
• Kesari Paneer
• Jodhpuri Gatta Curry
• Dal Bati Churma
• Bikaneri Paratha
• Khatta Meetha Chop
• Dal Panchmel
• Pushtani Halwa

Rounded Rectangle: Exclusive - Rajasthani dishes available:

•      Dahi Ka Singhara
•      Sangri Ka Kofta
•      Bajre Ki Khichdi with      Rawri
•      Bikaneri Paratha
•      Badam Ka Seera

 Relish dishes like Khatta Meetha Chop, Tiranga Vada, Mater Ki Kachori, Sangri Ka Kofta, Kesari Paneer, Methi Aloo Lipatwa, Jodhpuri Gatta Curry, Bharwan Parwal, Matar Dudhiya Kofta, Aaj Ki Subzi, Dal Bati Churma, Dal Mewa Bati Churma and many more. Cooked with simple ingredients with a unique flavour most of these dishes are a rarity outside the princely state of India. Sample the rich thali or choose from the delightful array of mouthwatering dishes.
The traditional ambience with an entertaining puppet show and various cultural performances by artists from across the nation at Culture Gully promise a memorable experience.
So come to the ultimate entertainment destination Kingdom of Dreams and savour the authentic flavours of Rajasthan.

Notes to the editor:
Kingdom of Dreams is a unique initiative by Great India Nautanki Company, a joint venture between Wizcraft International Entertainment, India’s foremost Entertainment and Communication Company and Apra Group of Companies. This ambitious concept offers theme-based entertainment experiences of exceptional standards and promotes Indian culture to Indians and visitors from across the globe.
Spread across acres of land, Kingdom of Dreams has three distinct entertainment zones – Culture Gully, Nautanki Mahal, and Showshaa Theatre- each offering a unique proposition.
·         Culture Gully, a unique Indian boulevard of exotic food, art and culture
·         Nautanki Mahal, India’s first dynamic state of the art 4D theatre designed and conceptualized to offer breath-taking & magical experiences.
·         Showshaa Theatre will present a kaleidoscope of fabulous colorful drama marquee spotlighting ancient Indian Epics and Mythology, mock wedding shows and the great Indian talent circus.
Entertainment has never been quite the same since Kingdom of Dreams has thrown open its gates to a magical and mystical arena.

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