Friday, March 28, 2014

Who Doesn't Need Some TLC?

You all know I have been sampling all this exotic fare at fancy restaurants. While it is great fun trying out great dishes, over-indulgence in food always has it's repercussions. 

Delhiites as a people, love food. Even in the middle of recession, whichever restaurant I went to, I mostly found it bustling with people, spending on food as if there was no tomorrow. But the flip side is that lifestyle diseases and obesity is on the rise. At the end of the day food is supposed to nourish you and make you feel good, not overpower you or overwhelm you.

Yet modern lifestyles are such that many people do not get the time to plan out nutritionally balanced meals properly. While cookery shows are on the rise, there is a whole new generation of youngsters who neither have the time nor the inclination to bother getting into the kitchen and toiling over pots and pans. I don't know whether that's good or bad. It always helps to be a little aware of and monitor what's going inside your body. It's the only one you have!

However there is some help at hand. 

Tarani’s Low Calorie Kitchen brings the concept of gourmet calorie controlled meals to your doorstep. Get ready to be good to yourself. Tired of starting diets and never sticking to them? Wondering if food can be tasty and healthy at the same time? Well, get some TLC in your life with Tarani’s Low Calorie Kitchen.

TLC will be offering calorie controlled and portion controlled gourmet food deliveries across the country. Get rid of the cooking blues; take away meals or canteen food and sign up for this meal plan which gets healthy meals delivered to you with no fuss or bother. Now eliminate the stress of consulting a dietician, or purchasing and cooking meals for your next diet. 

TLC offers four basic meal plans, each of which has a customized and calorie controlled menu, are designed for Healthy Living, Weight Management, aiding in meals for Type 2 Diabetics, and helping with nutritious meals for Cardiac Health. 

The meals are portion controlled, fresh frozen and ready to eat. Each of the meals has been specially prepared according to the customized meal plan, in the state of the art TLC Kitchen in Delhi. The meals are best described as fine dining and offer a fabulous way to stay healthy and fit, all the while dispensing with the need to cook special meals at home.

They are ideal for working couples, singletons and anyone who does not have the time or resources to cook healthy food at home. The TLC kitchen is the brainchild of promoters Tarani Kapur, and has on board well known hospitality consultant, Sohrab Sitaram, who is the name behind many successful hospitality concepts and ventures. The meals have been created according to a plethora of healthy recipes which incorporate the most optimum ingredients for your special dietary needs. 

The meal plans are best done over a period of two weeks for optimum results andoffer, lunch, dinner and a mid-day snack. TLC ensures customized support and has four main meal plans to choose from: 

Calorie Controlled- Designed for people who want to eat healthy and feel good without compromising on taste. 

Weight Management- Designed to help and aid weight loss along with maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Gourmet food with the right calories…just for you! 

Diabetic Friendly- Designed for people with type 2 diabetes. 

Healthy Heart Program- Designed for better cardiac health- food prepared with low sodium content and calorie controlled. Getting onto the TLC diet plan: Getting onto the TLC Kitchen diet plan is as simple as the click of a button. 

I have tried their Calorie Controlled meals and was mighty surprised at the taste and variety. You don't feel guilty having interesting variations as they are super light and just the right portion. The added advantage is that once you try this for a fortnight, even if you do not want to continue, your body will be tuned to healthy and appropriate eating, a habit that you would be able to build into your long term diet, making minor changes and enhancements in your planning.
Get onto, and choose the meal plan most suited for you. Register and pay online and be ready to receive your frozen meals. TLC Kitchen also has a dietician on board to help clear your doubts and concerns, as well as help you choose the right meal plan for you. 

The meals at TLC come beautifully packaged in special containers keeping the nutrients packed in and the food fresh for a long time. The balanced meals help you reap maximum results and offer a truly fine dining gourmet experience. Imagine indulging in Baklavas, Brownies, Thai curries, Chicken Cordon Blue, Meen Moilly, Noodles and Stuffed Kulchas, all of which help you control your weight and have a healthy heart as well. 

The cuisine is replete with the freshest of ingredients and also offers highly nutritious meals. TLC Kitchen calorie controlled meals are pre-portioned so you don't need to count calories; the meal programs are designed to be an aid in helping individuals to meet their weight management and wellness goals all at the price of INR 275/- a meal which is less than what you would pay for a fine dining experience at a restaurant.

All of these gourmet diet delivery meal programs are delivered by Courier throughout India & hand delivered in Delhi NCR. Whether you live in Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Indore or Chennai, they have a healthy meal delivery program for you! 

*** It is recommended that you consult with your doctor prior to starting any new diet or weight loss program. TLC Meals are priced from INR 275/- a meal and a programme of lunch, dinner and midday snack for two weeks would cost INR 10,386/- and for four weeks is INR 18,666/- .The minimum delivery for all meals is 14 days. 


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